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Icy, Clinical Services Manager at UCG ManurewaEldernet provides extensive, up to date information on the current vacancies at aged care facilities nationwide.

Ministry of Health

The Icy, Clinical Services Manager at UCG ManurewaMinistry of Health oversees the quality processes for aged residential care. Accessing this site will give you their most up to date information and some additional useful web links to other sites. It also gives information on income and asset testing for residential care subsidy.

A free PDF booklet is available for download that contains detailed information and what steps to follow when looking at residential care. 

Eligibility for financial assistance

To see whether you're eligible for a residential care subsidy, first you will need to have a needs assessment with a registered agency. You can arrange for this asseessment yourself, or visit your GP who will arrange it for you. Download a full list of who these agencies are and how to contact them. Read an overview of who is eligible for a subsidy and the application process.

The Residential Care Loan Scheme is available to homeowners whose assets are over the relevant asset threshold. They can apply for a residential care loan to pay for their residential care costs.

Care home audit reports

Access the most recent care home audit reports, undertaken by independent audit agencies.

Icy, Clinical Services Manager at UCG ManurewaNew Zealand Aged Care Association

The New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA), is a not-for-profit, national membership organisation which represents all parts of the aged-care residential sector.

Icy, Clinical Services Manager at UCG ManurewaRetirement Villages Association

The Retirement Villages Association is a voluntary membership association promoting and supporting retirement village operators and the services they provide.