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Back A rest home with heart and soul

11 April 2017

It’s often not an easy decision to send a loved one in to aged residential care. Joy recently wrote to us to describe her experience of this, and the peace of mind she has knowing that her husband is in safe hands at Ultimate Care Maupuia.

 She has kindly allowed for us to share her letter.

“Dear Lindsey,

I would like to express our gratitude for the amazing experience we are having at Ultimate Care Maupuia. Max has a lovely room which is light and opens on to a private deck with lovely potted flowers and a view of hills and trees. I love the humanity this facility expresses. Feeding the birds and pigeons is encouraged and picking of the flowers is even permitted. My husband just loves seeing the birds feeding on the deck. These things are really important.

After talking with the manager it was clear that this care facility shared our values and matched well with our needs and hopes for Max’s care.   They were also extremely helpful in supporting us through the move.

Maupuia is a small complex which has more the feel of a family home. No one is forgotten or left out.

The food is wonderful and is based more on conventional style kiwi meals that the elderly would have been used to. Very healthy and nutritious.

I am very impressed with the laundry department. There is clean linen on the bed every day and clothes washed and neatly folded away in their right place. Max has a complete set of clean clothes each day.

Also thank you for providing entertainment, and outings. A very big thank you goes to the very talented and caring person in charge of this area. Max goes on a van outing twice a week which he really loves, and is now happy to participate in games and crafts. He enjoys the movies and music and is now dancing and interacting with other patients. We have seen an incredible improvement in Max’s mobility and clarity over the last few weeks. He has really settled in and is changing from a very withdrawn person to a happy outgoing, ready for anything kind of person. He is simply thriving. This is the one aspect of his care that means the most to me. He is not left in his room but is encouraged to join in and be part of a family. Because the facility is so small it is not threatening, and not too many people to get to know. Each person is seen as a valued individual and their specific needs are met.

Family members are encouraged to visit and take loved ones out as often as they want. We are also encouraged to join in meals which can be purchased for a very small cost. I enjoy Sunday roast with my husband before taking him out for the rest of the day.

It is so wonderful to feel part of a small family type care facility and to see the spark return to my husband’s eyes. Just goes to show that any situation, no matter how bad can be made better. The biggest thank you goes to Lindsey Wood as manager for her unselfish and tireless devotion, vision and desire to make a difference. Lindsey you are a very special person who can always be relied on to be just plain nice and always helpful. You have exceeded expectations with your care and it is greatly appreciated.

If you are looking for a rest home with heart and soul, and that feels more like family than a business, I would have no hesitation recommending Ultimate Care Maupuia.”