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Back COVID-19 Update 7 April 2020

07 April 2020

We are now Day 13 of the Lockdown and we are mindful of the impact this is having on our families and friends who were frequent visitors to our dear residents.  We are working hard to keep everyone safe and protect our fragile “Bubbles”.  You may not know, but some of our staff are now volunteering to stay at the facilities for the lockdown period to keep our residents safe.   

With Easter nearly here, it will be a unique time for us all. We want to let you know we appreciate the commitment you continue to make staying home to keep your Loved One safe with us. One of our Managers shared the writing below, and I felt it might provide some reassurances of what we are doing on the inside.

The staff in Aged Care aren’t fighting the same battle that the other carers, nurses and doctors are fightingagainst COVID-10. Our battle looks a lot different. 
We are helping against depression and loneliness.
We are helping to overcome boredom and confusion caused by aging, dementia and Alzheimer’s.
So, until this crisis is over …
We are supporting our families unable to visit, and who feel disconnected and fear for their loved one. We will continue to say comforting words, create fun and laughter, and think up more activities that can be done safely.
We will read the emails, hold the phones, share the skypes so loved ones can see their loved one who is unable to communicate and reassure them everything is okay.
We will pop in throughout the day to provide reassurance, pray, sing, or just be there to comfort them. We will put on smiles even when our heads are pounding, and we are exhausted.
We also feel overwhelmed by all the new statistics, regulations and added documentation, and we carry our personal worry too.
We will do what we can to make sure the outside world stays 'outside' and our resident stay safe with us inside our Bubble.

We wish you, your family and friends, a safe Easter. Thank you for all the encouragement that continues to keep us working well focused in the overcoming of COVID-19. 

Warmest regards

Jill Darcey