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Back Living longer and stronger – a sign of what is to come

15 June 2017

Our Facility Manager from Ultimate Care Rose Court shares a delightful story with us of a recent enquiry she received. The fit and healthy tour recipient knew exactly what she was looking for when she came in to meet the team last week.

A taxi arrived at Rose Court and a small lady (on her own), with a walking frame, made her way into the reception area.

She asked the receptionist if she could see the Facility Manager, Dorothy. She told the receptionist she did not have an appointment but had phoned Dorothy earlier in the day.

I (Dorothy) came out to speak to Mabel* and not remembering our earlier conversation I took her into the Whanau Room for a discussion.

Mabel told me she was looking for an apartment and asked a lot of the usual questions about availability and price etc. She took a notebook out of her handbag, and after borrowing my pen because she couldn’t find hers, began writing down prices. We then went around to a vacant apartment and Mabel told me it was perfect. I could see her mentally putting her furniture in it and size, location for sun and distance to the dining room were all living up to her expectations.

After a lot more questions Mabel asked again about prices and consulted her previously made notes. She then told me it was going to be too expensive and asked what other options were there for her. I discussed with her rest home level care and the need for an assessment. We decided together that she would probably qualify as she had told me she had failing eyesight and wasn’t able to get out like she used to.

Mabel then asked to see a room.

After turning down my offer of a wheelchair, as she thought she could easily walk that far, we went to the other side of the facility. Mabel was a little shocked to see how “small these rooms are”. I asked her why she thought she needed a large room and she proceeded to explain that she would require her “drop sided dining table to be able to complete monthly cheques for paying bills like Spark, Genesis and all those other things...” and that she had a two-seater sofa and her own lazy boy chair.

At this point she sat on the bed while we discussed the fact she wouldn’t need to pay those bills so the table could be a small over-bed table and that a chair for her was all she would probably need as well. Mabel agreed she could sell off some furniture and that she could manage with less possessions.

We walked back to the reception area as Mabel now wanted to see a facility booklet that would hopefully answer a few more of her questions.

After sitting down in reception she began to look through the booklet. Mabel agreed with me that she would read it and if she had any questions she could ask the receptionist.

Quite some time later after asking many questions relating to living at Rose Court, and a cup of tea, Mabel left in a taxi that the receptionist had booked for her.

The difference between Mabel and every other potential resident that comes to look at the facility is that Mabel had told me on our way to the rest home that she was 4 months into her 101st year!

She also said with her characteristic laugh, “Dorothy the only negative with living so long is that my children are now in their late 70’s and are too old to look after me!”

Written by Dorothy Carson, Facility Manager Ultimate Care Rose Court

*Name changed