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Back No Access - COVID-19 Update 23 March 2020

23 March 2020

Dear Resident Families and Friends and UCG Staff,

You will be aware we updated the status of our facilities this morning on the best information we had at the time on the Covid-19 outbreak. This has now changed, and all our facilities are moving to a level 4 containment strategy.

What does this mean?

-          We will be continuing with our intensive hygiene and containment policies on site.

-          Should the need arise, we will have isolation locations for residents within our sites, the exact configuration depending on the number of cases and suspected cases, and the nature of the facility.

-          We will not be admitting any new residents.

-          Any non-urgent visitors, workers, or contractors may not be allowed on site. Please use distanced techniques to stay in touch.

-          We currently do not have any concerns on the sourcing of critical provisions and are thankful to our suppliers for making this the case.

-          Please remember, that this is as stressful for our staff in our homes as it is for the residents. We will be looking to as flexible a work-place environment as possible to get through this. To help with this, I can only repeat what has been asked of us all, stay calm and be kind.

I again emphasise we are working with authorities as the situation changes and will endeavour to update everyone as soon as we can, should anything alter.

Communication with our Facilities

We will continue to work on isolation based ways of keeping in contact, but would ask for consideration in not contacting the facilities for any non-urgent reasons.


This is an awful situation to be in, and not what any of us want to be doing. But it is what we have to do, we must get through it, we will get through it, and look forward to opening our facilities again soon.


Warmest regards,

Ben Unger

Chief Executive Officer