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Back UCG Residents’ Needs Always Come First

19 June 2015

Following the unusually heavy rainfall and extensive flooding in the Hokitika CBD in mid-June, Ultimate Care Allen Bryant rest home is fast-tracking the clean-up and rebuilding operation  of its well-established rest home and hospital facility.

On the night of Thursday 18 June, Facility Manager Jill Gillman and her staff had to evacuate the premises, moving 45 residents to temporary accommodation. Ms Gillman said, “It was raining hard and water was continuing to seep in. Our priority was to ensure the safety and comfort of our residents. With this in mind we evacuated the entire building within just a few hours and organised rehoming residents with their families, DHB and private facilities across the Hokitika, Reefton and Greymouth areas.

Since the emergency evacuation, Ultimate Care has been working closely with the West Coast District Health Board (West Coast DHB) to reassure residents’ families and friends that they are doing everything to ensure the health and welfare of residents from the home. Both organisations are in regular contact with all Allen Bryant residents and their loved ones to ensure they understand the residents’ levels of need. Their main aim is to keep the most vulnerable and dependent people in the local area. For residents who have returned to the community, the priority is to ensure their needs are met with home-based supports, Allied Health (Physio/OT/social work etc.) and community nursing.

Residents reunited with their carers

West Coast DHB and Ultimate Care are also working closely with the facilities caring for the displaced residents. This includes recognising that relationships between residents and Allen Bryant staff are an important part of care. Staff are being redeployed where needed to assist in the ongoing care needs. Registered nurses have been provided to support re-housed former Ultimate Care Allen Bryant residents In recognition of the higher level of need of some residents, and acknowledging the impact the recent evacuation and change of environment can have on rest home residents. This additional registered nurse support will continue for as long as it is required.

With regard to the rebuild of the rest home, Ultimate Care Group Chief Executive Liza Cox-Hancy stated, "We are exploring every avenue to progress a staged rebuild to allow for faster recovery of beds and to relieve the pressure in the system as a result of this significant event.

At this time, the demolition work at the facility is complete and it is now able to dry out. The assessors and insurance company are moving with haste during this drying time to appoint a contractor to commence the rebuild."

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