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About Us

Our promise to care

Every one of our staff knows that it is a privilege to care for someone during the later years of their life. At our facilities, none of our residents are treated as a commodity; they are people who need love and care. Often our residents do not have the ability to look after themselves either through illness or simply age catching up with them. Many of our residents are physically unable to cope whilst still having a sharp mind. Others are suffering from dementia related illnesses and require specialist round-the-clock treatment.

At Ultimate Care our residents are treated with dignity, warmth, compassion and respect, and that’s a promise.

We promise to care by:

  • Ensuring a welcome and homely environment for all of our residents
  • Providing quality health and care services for everyone
  • Creating peace of mind, comfort and security for residents and their families
  • Offering a range of different levels of care to accommodate our residents if their medical requirements change
  • Welcoming anyone and everyone to the Ultimate Care family

It’s one thing to make a promise, but another to keep it, which is why we have a number of processes in place to make sure we are true to our word. Our aim is to create and maintain an environment that continuously focuses action on quality improvement in care and to do this we:

  • Provide opportunities for ongoing training and professional development for all of our staff
  • Monitor and evaluate our services regularly
  • Take prompt and effective action when anything is not right
  • Seek ongoing feedback from our residents and their families

Ultimate Care values

Caregiver at UCG ManurewaUltimate Care believes that when it comes to caring for others we will operate with integrity, honesty and transparency. This includes providing sound and clear information to residents and their families, making sure everyone involved is fully aware of what is happening. We encourage independence amongst our residents and always respect their privacy.

We stand by our promises and ask residents and their families to let us know if we are failing to deliver on them. Should you have any issue with the care we provide, we welcome your feedback. You can email us at or get in touch via our contact form.